Students can do better

Social media can be a great influence on students. Most universities in the United States use social media platforms to communicate with their students, post updates about the class, post grades, assignments, syllabus, etc. It is really convenient to have a secure, easy-to-use platform you can trust for your educational needs. San Jose State University, in San Jose, California uses the platform Canvas. It is a site that allows students to view information about their course, contact information of teacher and classmates, view files, assignments, resources and much more. It makes a student’s life Continue reading


Spread the word!

Here’s a good one: information spreads incredibly fast through social media. That could have its advantages and disadvantages depending on what the information is. In the case of Lulu, a Terrier mix dog who got out of her backyard and became lost, social media became a huge help when trying to find her. You hear about these cases all the time. Dogs get lost or stolen from their homes, their owners are sick worried and heartbroken about the possibility of never seeing their pets again. However, besides putting up posters in every post of every main street in town,  social media facilitates the whole process and it saves you a lot of time and money. A simple post with a picture of your pooch and a brief Continue reading

Online dating

We’ve all heard of social dating and all the risks, embarrassment, let-downs, shocking stories associated with the experience. It’s easy to download an app and create a quick profile of yourself. You proceed to browse through people’s profiles and find whoever you find attractive and compatible with your personality. You swipe left or right. Then you make your pick, you exchange some words and begin building a friendship that has the potential of becoming something more. Simple, right? Not exactly.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, when using social media for social purposes, Continue reading

How it all started

If you’re a millennial, you probably had a Myspace account and now who Tom is.
Before Facebook’s huge break through, there were many other social media sites that were once very popular, although not nearly as popular as Facebook. Websites like Myspace or Hi5 were widely popular in the United States and various parts of the world. Now, although still existing, they’re aren’t as known as they used to be. Myspace for example, isn’t what it used to be at all. You can no longer find your personalized, super blinged-out profile, with your top 8 friends, and all the profile attributes it once had. Hi5 from what I remember, only lasted a couple years and Continue reading

Easy Access Makes Easy Target

Nowadays, people take their phone or tablet everywhere they go. They have access to virtually every social media app, entertainment outlet, etc.  With such convenient accessibility, people are constantly posting, sharing and spreading information about whats trending a whoever has social media (uh, everyone!) receives that information. If you aren’t the type of person who watches a lot of TV, no problem!, you’re not missing much. It is highly likely that whatever is trending on the news or in sports, health, education,  politics, or even in entertainment you’ll find out about, sooner or later and not through your TV or by word, but by your Continue reading


The place where I live at now is a very nice neighborhood, secluded from the noise and congestion of the city and overall a peaceful place to reside. However, when I moved here less than a year ago I never expected to find so much crime going on in the area. That’s when the mobile app Nextdoor came along. I was checking the mail as I usually do every week. I quickly set aside all the ads and miscellaneous mail when a little Nextdoor post card popped up. It caught my attention right away because it was addressed directly to me; it was an invitation to join the Nextdoor community Continue reading

YouTube craze

Youtube has over one billion users, and every hour more than 100 hours of video get uploaded to the site. YouTube has had a huge influence on people since it gained major popularity. You can watch just about everything on Youtube including documentaries, commercials, music videos, how-to videos, home videos, news, and whatever is trending at the time. Its crazy how times have changed, and now social media is not only ‘suitable’ for younger audiences but people of all ages.
If I catch myself watching something on YouTube it’ll most likely be clips of the Continue reading