Make a difference

There are a number of ways you can make a difference in yours or someones life by using the power of social media. With everything happening in the world, social media has raised awareness about unfortunate events happening around the world. If you follow a news station and hear about  natural disaster affected a town thousands of miles away, you can help an contribute with donations of clothes, water, medical supplies, etc. You can also submit a monetary donation online. It’s easy, fast and effective.

Aside from helping victims of a natural disaster, you can also help a person in need in your local community. There’s times when you’ll come across a deserving, hard-working, honest citizen doing everything in their power ro get by and maintain a roof over their heads, and food. However, every person has its struggles, and sometimes those struggles overpower your efforts of trying to survive. And thats where you come in. There’s a page called where you can raise money for a good cause. If your story is inspiring enough, and if it attracts people’s attention, you’ll be raising money in no time, money that wold go towards helping a struggling individual and truly deserves a second chance at life.

A third way to make a difference using social media is by simply sharing good samaritan deeds, sharing it with your friends and inspire others to pay it forward. With all that’s been going on in the world, we could use more solidarity, acceptance and kindness. Socia media is the ideal platform for people to share not only their every day experiences, but the good they’ve done for others, and the rewarding feeling they get. Friends influence friends, so better to make it a positive rather than a negative one.