Building connections 

Social media has a number of advantages. One of the most prominent ones is the ability to stay in touch with friends and family. Prior to having MySpace or Facebook, people would easily disconnect with former coworkers, classmates, and friends. These days, even if you aren’t affiliated with the same organization or school, you can still remain in touch. In addition to this, we are able to reconnect with people we’ve lost touch with over the years. Facebook, for example, allows us to find each other through search of mutual friends, last name, hometown, job, the organizations, etc. For instance, say someone was adopted at very early age and never got to meet their biological parents. One of the first things investigators do now is search the web and social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.. and track people down.
Another advantage of having social media is that it can provide quick and easy accessibility to your professional background, resume, education, skills, etc. For instance, if  you’re searching for a job many employers resort to LinkedIn, a social network that allows users to list their professional and educational experience. Furthermore, friends and colleagues can join your network and help you build connections, increasing your chances of attaining a job.

Social media has not only changed the way people interact, but it has also helped millions build relationships, form connections, and remain in touch.