How to deal with Internet Trolls

With the internet and all the endless social sites out there, its pretty impossible to avoid Internet trolls. Trolls, or otherwise known are instigators, unnecessary rude-pricks, and incredibly sarcastic maniacs are people who have earned their place in hell. It is unclear why they choose to go online and attack people. I mean, besides for the obvious reason of wanting to draw attention to themselves, internet trolls seem to enjoy putting people down and instigating any sort of drama. It’s a form of bullying. So here are some tips to deal with internet trolls:

  1. Once you identify the troll, which should be pretty easy to do, ignore it completely. Don’t let it get to you, and just proceed to either walk away from it or delete/ block his post.
  2. If just can’t contain yourself and feel the need to respond to an annoying remark made by an internet troll, chances are, you’ll regret it sooner or later. Why give them the time of day?
  3. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself actually being affected by an internet troll, after all, they know how to get to people, and the things they say have no filter at all. If you find it offended and upset about something they said, report them. Most social media sites have the option to report any inappropriate content or comments. If that isn’t gratifying enough, block them.
  4. Don’t take it personal. They’re not targeting you for being you, they’re just targeting anyone they can victimize, so don’t fall into their trap. Find the humor in it, and just laugh it off. If you think about it, they probably have nothing else going on in their lives..which is pretty pathetic, so just remember, you rock and they suck.