The pro’s and Con’s

In this post I will highlight some of the cons and pros of social media. Like every other thing, there’s a good and a bad.

  1. Pro: Social networks can spread information faster than any other media, however–Con: the informational content is not always accurate or guaranteed to be true.
  2. Pro: social media allows you to build new friendships, and keep in touch with existing ones, however–Con: it can also lead to offline relationship problems.and it could increase your stress levels.
  3.  Pro: social media can help students gain easy access to information, helping them do better at school, however–Con: If they become addicted with social media, it could distract them away from their responsibilities, ultimately affecting their grades.
  4. Back to the privacy issues: Pro: social media allows you to share moments of your life, personal information, and photos/videos. However, –Con: Social networks lack privacy and security, and your information can be shared to corporations or investigated by the government.
  5. Pro: social media can help people find jobs. However–Con: social media can also affect your chances of attaining a job if they find anything negative (irrational behavior, profanity, out-of-control partying habits)  from your past on the web.
  6. Pro: social media allows you express freely, and even use an alias to remain anonymous. However–Con: this encourages criminals to commit online crimes and also promote their practices, targeting young, gullible people.
  7. Social networking is good for the economy and opens the door for more jobs. However–Con: people who aren’t as familiarized with the latest social trends (mostly elders or people over 45) have a greater chance of losing their jobs and being replaced by fresher, more up-to-date candidates.
  8. Social media helps promote acts of kindness as well as good causes. However–Con: It facilitates cyberbullying.


We’ll talk more about some of these arguments in the next post, so stay tuned!