Privacy concerns

Social media has had it’s encounters with privacy concerns since the beginning of its popularity. In spite of  the fact of increasing security technology for the digital world, there are still loopholes that techies can figure out and steal people’s personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, photos, videos, bank information, etc. Anyone call victim to privacy breaches. Some of the most recent incidents of privacy breaches on big retailer stores such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy have forced them to reevaluate their security  measures and incorporate better and more effective ways to protect customer’s personal information. Also, elderlies are more likely to fall victims to scammers who disguise themselves as corporations or family member in order to get their bank account information.

Its important that employers and organizations keep their staff and members’ information safe as well. Releasing any of their personal information without their consent is a felony. Its important for people to be choosey  of the information they share online and to always be aware of the potential risks of sharing such information. Once something is posted online, it is close to impossible to get rid of it. People should be taught at a young age about the potential consequences of having their information on the web.