Need a confidence boost?

Although the first thing that comes to mind when having your teen age kid be all over social media is bad news, there’s actually some real benefits that have the potential of outweighing the bad. Studies have found that teenagers’s self-esteem and confidence can improve thanks to social media. It can help develop social skills and build new friendships. Teens go through a difficult phase to say the least, but social media has been proven to be a stress relieving outlet that allows them to express themselves freely, either through reading, blogging, sharing pictures, words or simply a memorable quote on their feed. 

Its important to keep in mind parental control–reasonable rules, and of course a one on one conversation between parent and teenager about the do’s and don’t’s about social media is advisable. So long as they use these networks responsibly, they will find the many benefits of having access to vast amount of information that  will help them grow.