YouTube craze

Youtube has over one billion users, and every hour more than 100 hours of video get uploaded to the site. YouTube has had a huge influence on people since it gained major popularity. You can watch just about everything on Youtube including documentaries, commercials, music videos, how-to videos, home videos, news, and whatever is trending at the time. Its crazy how times have changed, and now social media is not only ‘suitable’ for younger audiences but people of all ages.
If I catch myself watching something on YouTube it’ll most likely be clips of the Ellen Degeneres show or Jimmy Fallon, or some funny cat video (it’s too funny to ignore). However, when my daughter is on her tablet the first thing she wants to do is search for “Egg surprises” videos or silly show-and-tell videos of toys or candy. It still amazes me that our children are growing up with all these social media platforms when not so long ago we barely had a Myspace account.
YouTube is also a great source of information and even education. You can find thousands of educational documentaries, as well as YouTubers who dedicate their time to share social and political information, their opinions and share it with the world.

YouTube can open the door to new information, entertainment and even the possibility of becoming a YouTube star. It is without a doubt one of the most popular social media sites out there, right up there with Google and Facebook.