The place where I live at now is a very nice neighborhood, secluded from the noise and congestion of the city and overall a peaceful place to reside. However, when I moved here less than a year ago I never expected to find so much crime going on in the area. That’s when the mobile app Nextdoor came along. I was checking the mail as I usually do every week. I quickly set aside all the ads and miscellaneous mail when a little Nextdoor post card popped up. It caught my attention right away because it was addressed directly to me; it was an invitation to join the Nextdoor community.
After downloading the app and playing with it for a while, I realized it was a legit app that connects all your neighbors in your area and keeps you informed about whatever is going on in the neighborhood including breaks-ins, suspicious activity, construction matters, etc. Soon I learned of the security issues regarding packages left in front porches, and break-ins was a serious problem.
Thanks to Nextdoor I’m able to keep in touch with my neighbors and come together as a community to ensure the safety and security of our neighborhood.
This app is one of those beneficial social media platforms that is made for all the right reasons. Not anyone can join a certain neighborhood network. You have to proof you actually live in the are with either an electric bill or a personal reference of another neighbor. I’ve been using the app for almost a year now and so far I haven’t had any problems about it. It’s great because in addition to sharing the negatives, you are welcome to share all the positive things as well, like a neighborhood party or a garage sale.
I would definitely recommend this app for any family who’s moving into a new town or neighborhood. It’s a great source of information and as long as you are conservative about private or personal Information, you got nothing to lose.