Easy Access Makes Easy Target

Nowadays, people take their phone or tablet everywhere they go. They have access to virtually every social media app, entertainment outlet, etc.  With such convenient accessibility, people are constantly posting, sharing and spreading information about whats trending a whoever has social media (uh, everyone!) receives that information. If you aren’t the type of person who watches a lot of TV, no problem!, you’re not missing much. It is highly likely that whatever is trending on the news or in sports, health, education,  politics, or even in entertainment you’ll find out about, sooner or later and not through your TV or by word, but by your social media usage. From the moment you create your social media account, you create a profile, highlight your interests, follow people, like a page, subscribe to a page, etc..you are building a foundation of your social media life. And as you invest your time and attention in it, you’ll begin to form another type of profile: your personal, most intimate likes and dislikes, relationships, products you use, things you watch, etc. You basically become an easy target for advertising companies. Facebook and Instagram for example,  have created an algorithm that analyzes the information users access and determines what products, topics, or media we’re most interested on and so each person will encounter different ads according to their social media behavior and activity. Its insane, and a little creepy, but its a thing.

If you’re a social media user, there’s not much you can do about it besides deleting your account, but we both known thats highly unlikely…right? My advice would be, don’t to anything illegal, be respectful, have boundaries…and you’ll be alright.