Students can do better

Social media can be a great influence on students. Most universities in the United States use social media platforms to communicate with their students, post updates about the class, post grades, assignments, syllabus, etc. It is really convenient to have a secure, easy-to-use platform you can trust for your educational needs. San Jose State University, in San Jose, California uses the platform Canvas. It is a site that allows students to view information about their course, contact information of teacher and classmates, view files, assignments, resources and much more. It makes a student’s life Continue reading


Spread the word!

Here’s a good one: information spreads incredibly fast through social media. That could have its advantages and disadvantages depending on what the information is. In the case of Lulu, a Terrier mix dog who got out of her backyard and became lost, social media became a huge help when trying to find her. You hear about these cases all the time. Dogs get lost or stolen from their homes, their owners are sick worried and heartbroken about the possibility of never seeing their pets again. However, besides putting up posters in every post of every main street in town,  social media facilitates the whole process and it saves you a lot of time and money. A simple post with a picture of your pooch and a brief Continue reading