How to deal with Internet Trolls

With the internet and all the endless social sites out there, its pretty impossible to avoid Internet trolls. Trolls, or otherwise known are instigators, unnecessary rude-pricks, and incredibly sarcastic maniacs are people who have earned their place in hell. It is unclear why they choose to go online and attack people. I mean, besides for the obvious reason of wanting to draw attention to themselves, internet trolls seem to enjoy putting people down and instigating any sort of Continue reading


The biggest social media concerns

post3_webThere’s several positive and negative aspects about the usage of social media. In this post, I’ll be focusing on the negative side and bring to light some concerns regarding misuse of the social platform and how it can affect us on a personal level .

Social media can be deceiving. Even if we aren’t aware of it, there’s always some type of manipulation and control. What a social network can do for someone is create a profile of any given characteristics and qualities, and convert that into an active member of that network. Being able to identify whether the person featured on the profile  actually exists or its just a fictional, made-up character is nearly impossible. Continue reading