Online dating

We’ve all heard of social dating and all the risks, embarrassment, let-downs, shocking stories associated with the experience. It’s easy to download an app and create a quick profile of yourself. You proceed to browse through people’s profiles and find whoever you find attractive and compatible with your personality. You swipe left or right. Then you make your pick, you exchange some words and begin building a friendship that has the potential of becoming something more. Simple, right? Not exactly.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, when using social media for social purposes, Continue reading


Privacy concerns

Social media has had it’s encounters with privacy concerns since the beginning of its popularity. In spite of  the fact of increasing security technology for the digital world, there are still loopholes that techies can figure out and steal people’s personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, photos, videos, bank information, etc. Anyone call victim to privacy breaches. Some of the most recent incidents of privacy breaches on big retailer stores such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy have forced them to reevaluate their security  measures and incorporate better and more effective ways to protect customer’s personal information. Continue reading

Avoid getting Catfished!

Have you ever came across a Facebook profile that looked a bit sketchy? You’re getting friend requests and while looking to see if you share any friends in common, you realize their friend’s list is close to zero and that they only have one photograph, one previous post and no status history? These are just some of the red flags you might want to consider before hitting “Accept Request”; chances are, you’re gettingcatfished.

The term Catfish regarding social media originates from the TV show–you Continue reading