Easy Access Makes Easy Target

Nowadays, people take their phone or tablet everywhere they go. They have access to virtually every social media app, entertainment outlet, etc.  With such convenient accessibility, people are constantly posting, sharing and spreading information about whats trending a whoever has social media (uh, everyone!) receives that information. If you aren’t the type of person who watches a lot of TV, no problem!, you’re not missing much. It is highly likely that whatever is trending on the news or in sports, health, education,  politics, or even in entertainment you’ll find out about, sooner or later and not through your TV or by word, but by your Continue reading


YouTube craze

Youtube has over one billion users, and every hour more than 100 hours of video get uploaded to the site. YouTube has had a huge influence on people since it gained major popularity. You can watch just about everything on Youtube including documentaries, commercials, music videos, how-to videos, home videos, news, and whatever is trending at the time. Its crazy how times have changed, and now social media is not only ‘suitable’ for younger audiences but people of all ages.
If I catch myself watching something on YouTube it’ll most likely be clips of the Continue reading

Need a confidence boost?

Although the first thing that comes to mind when having your teen age kid be all over social media is bad news, there’s actually some real benefits that have the potential of outweighing the bad. Studies have found that teenagers’s self-esteem and confidence can improve thanks to social media. It can help develop social skills and build new friendships. Teens go through a difficult phase to say the least, but social media has been proven to be a stress relieving outlet that allows them to express themselves freely, either through reading, blogging, sharing pictures, words or simply a memorable quote on their feed.  Continue reading

Growing advertising

Advertising on social media is easily one of the most lucrative  and cost-effective form of advertising available. Social media ads range from a promoted Tweet or Facebook post, to more in-depth promotional campaigns. With social media, its easy to target exact demographics and post ads based on people’s interests and what is trending. Millennials are more likely to look up products and services online because they Continue reading

The pro’s and Con’s

In this post I will highlight some of the cons and pros of social media. Like every other thing, there’s a good and a bad.

  1. Pro: Social networks can spread information faster than any other media, however–Con: the informational content is not always accurate or guaranteed to be true.
  2. Pro: social media allows you to build new friendships, and keep in touch with existing ones, however–Con: it can also lead to offline relationship problems. Continue reading

Are we trying to disconnect?

post2_webHaving a social media account means having to check up on it every so often. Many people find it so distracting, it takes away time from their every day lives, making it difficult to build interpersonal relationships. While we claim that social media allows us to connect with people more easily, we are losing sense of the real world and what is in front of us.

So, how do we prioritize? On one hand we have our online friends and connections. We interact with them through messages, photos, videos,etc. All communications goes through Continue reading