Need a confidence boost?

Although the first thing that comes to mind when having your teen age kid be all over social media is bad news, there’s actually some real benefits that have the potential of outweighing the bad. Studies have found that teenagers’s self-esteem and confidence can improve thanks to social media. It can help develop social skills and build new friendships. Teens go through a difficult phase to say the least, but social media has been proven to be a stress relieving outlet that allows them to express themselves freely, either through reading, blogging, sharing pictures, words or simply a memorable quote on their feed.  Continue reading


Privacy concerns

Social media has had it’s encounters with privacy concerns since the beginning of its popularity. In spite of  the fact of increasing security technology for the digital world, there are still loopholes that techies can figure out and steal people’s personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, photos, videos, bank information, etc. Anyone call victim to privacy breaches. Some of the most recent incidents of privacy breaches on big retailer stores such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy have forced them to reevaluate their security  measures and incorporate better and more effective ways to protect customer’s personal information. Continue reading

Avoid getting Catfished!

Have you ever came across a Facebook profile that looked a bit sketchy? You’re getting friend requests and while looking to see if you share any friends in common, you realize their friend’s list is close to zero and that they only have one photograph, one previous post and no status history? These are just some of the red flags you might want to consider before hitting “Accept Request”; chances are, you’re gettingcatfished.

The term Catfish regarding social media originates from the TV show–you Continue reading

Growing advertising

Advertising on social media is easily one of the most lucrative  and cost-effective form of advertising available. Social media ads range from a promoted Tweet or Facebook post, to more in-depth promotional campaigns. With social media, its easy to target exact demographics and post ads based on people’s interests and what is trending. Millennials are more likely to look up products and services online because they Continue reading

The pro’s and Con’s

In this post I will highlight some of the cons and pros of social media. Like every other thing, there’s a good and a bad.

  1. Pro: Social networks can spread information faster than any other media, however–Con: the informational content is not always accurate or guaranteed to be true.
  2. Pro: social media allows you to build new friendships, and keep in touch with existing ones, however–Con: it can also lead to offline relationship problems. Continue reading

Make money!

There are numerous way to make money using social media. As you probably already know, advertising is the number one source of revenue for media corporations. But if you’re like most of us ordinary people, you can make money in many different ways, without having to break your wallet and at the comfort of your own home.

One example is YouTube. You can create a YouTube Channel, be creative and interesting enough to attract people’s attention and then you might be able to become Continue reading

How to deal with Internet Trolls

With the internet and all the endless social sites out there, its pretty impossible to avoid Internet trolls. Trolls, or otherwise known are instigators, unnecessary rude-pricks, and incredibly sarcastic maniacs are people who have earned their place in hell. It is unclear why they choose to go online and attack people. I mean, besides for the obvious reason of wanting to draw attention to themselves, internet trolls seem to enjoy putting people down and instigating any sort of Continue reading