The pro’s and Con’s

In this post I will highlight some of the cons and pros of social media. Like every other thing, there’s a good and a bad.

  1. Pro: Social networks can spread information faster than any other media, however–Con: the informational content is not always accurate or guaranteed to be true.
  2. Pro: social media allows you to build new friendships, and keep in touch with existing ones, however–Con: it can also lead to offline relationship problems. Continue reading

Are we trying to disconnect?

post2_webHaving a social media account means having to check up on it every so often. Many people find it so distracting, it takes away time from their every day lives, making it difficult to build interpersonal relationships. While we claim that social media allows us to connect with people more easily, we are losing sense of the real world and what is in front of us.

So, how do we prioritize? On one hand we have our online friends and connections. We interact with them through messages, photos, videos,etc. All communications goes through Continue reading